Our Values

Our Values

We play handball. It is what we do, and it is the sport we have had in hearts ever since the European Handball Federation was born back in 1991.

In the 29 years that have followed we have kept pace with an ever-evolving society that shapes the way we work and see ourselves.

One thing we have not changed, however, is our commitment to staying true to the origins of handball. While it is one of the youngest team sports games in existence, the roots go far back in history. There is evidence of women playing a kind of handball in ancient Rome and records of handball-like games in medieval France.

The game, as we know it today, grew out of the industrial revolution and into the modern times of the 20th century, marked by an increased public focus on the impact of physical activity for health, and the rise of leisure time activities for everyone.

This spirit of an active, social community is a core part of the handball DNA even today.

Since the European Handball Federation was founded, it has served each national federation, each club, thousands of players and millions of fans with respect, honesty and transparency.


A fresh approach to logo design

At the heart of the new approach is an updated and fresh representation of how the origins and successes of European handball are communicated, expressed and promoted.

Therefore, subtle alterations have been made in the visual presentation of the EHF and its associated competitions with a newly developed design, created to offer consistent communication of the new handball umbrella brand across all European competitions.

The shape of a handball itself is referenced throughout the entire EHF brand system. On a national team level, the circular shape of the ball is used to empower all national team competition logos.

By emphasising an individual tile on the ball – represented by the pentagon and the lines which form the stitching – the form becomes a strong abstract symbol for the club competitions, including the pentagon which is visible in the distorted version of the logo.

The new EHF Champions League logo is the best example with a rejuvenated golden star forming the basis of the refreshed emblem of European handball’s elite competitions.

A new identity will follow in the coming weeks for beach handball while a complete overhaul of Younger Age Category events will also be rolled out in due course.

New claims, same aims

We do play handball. We always have and always will – but the European Handball Federation does more than that.

The new era is an opportunity for the EHF, EHF Marketing, players, fans and officials to not only celebrate what has been achieved so far, but to strengthen core values and beliefs from which the EHF has been built on and make handball an even greater success story.

That is why a new brand identity, proudly unveiled by the EHF and EHF Marketing, pays tribute to the humble heritage of handball – a unique, family sport available for everyone to enjoy.

While the new brand identity heralds the start of a new era, our goals remain the same as they have always been: to encourage the public to pick up a ball and join their local club; to promote the highest profile matches on television and across our digital ecosystem; and to motivate fans to experience the spine-tingling atmosphere of a live match inside Europe’s biggest handball arenas.

We are all part of the game, so if you are ready, we will let the new era begin…